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9/14/2018 General
The Perks of Social Media

Social media gets a lot of negative attention but in this fast paced world it is a great tool for helping to grow your business! One good thing about social media is that it is FREE! You read that right free! All you have to do is simply sign up and start advertising yourself for free. In this day in age the first thing someone does to find information is go to the computer or their smart phone and google whatever it might be they are looking for. Having your social media pages up to date and accurate with your business times, phone numbers, website information, and address can really save from a lot of searching and uncertainty of the correct information!

Posting often is a good way to show your customers and/or followers that you active and involved. You can post new information - upcoming events - new products - or just fun information about your business that will draw attention and get them interested! Its a creative and easy way to connect and communicate to the public with just a few simple clicks!

Social media can be a great way to gain exposure and get your name out there for others to find! The more you post and the more involved you are the greater the chances of gaining a following!

Hidden Benefits of Social Media:

- Brand Recognition - put your logo out there and build a reputation for your brand around your company's values, benefits, and advantages.

-Website Traffic - Once again the more you are active in posting and sharing through social media the more likley someone might be to read a post and then find your site and explore it and what you're all about a little more!

-Repeat Exposure - You contantly have an audience and if you are active and you market yourself through social media the more of an opportunity you will have to remind followers of your business.

-Engaging - If you engage on social media then you are ahead of the curve believe it or not! The first thing your prospective clients will do will be to check your social media sites to see the most up to date and current information. If there isn't any activity they may be turned away by the lack of information and interest in your page.

- Community - Find out what challenges your peers are facing and things that they like and engage in those topics and address those issues to gain trust in your community of followers.

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