It is my honor to be the Board Chair for the Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce in 2015.

Our Chamber serves a growing collection of members interested in networking, gathering informatoin, expanding their knowledge of strong business practices and the promotion of their business and organization.

We celebratet our fifty four new members who joined our organization in 2014.  It is our goal to assist all members in their continued success and contributions to our community's quality of life.  Our Chamber is one of the strongest voices for the businesses and organizations within our communities.

We work tirelessly to provide an extensive network of resources for businesses of all size and scale to expand their strong growth.  We are a proud advocate for businesses and celebrate their achievements and accomplishments.

Your Chamber Board of Directors is comprised of bright, talented, professional men and women, working across all aspects of business and civic organizations.  They give their time, talen and energy to guide Chamber policy, busines support for Chamber initiatives and rally the community to those initiaties.

I look forward to working with our Chamber members, Board of Directors and excellent Chamber staff over the coming year and beyond.

We thank each of our Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce members for their commitment, investment and support of our programs and events.

I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you, our members, as your Chairman for 2015.

Jake Hughes, Keihin IPT Mfg., LLC
Board Chair
Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce